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Heartland Catfish's Awards & Recognitions
Heartland Catfish and it's partners are one of the most successful of vertically integrated agricultural entities... from selective breeding to hatching fry to fingerling production to food processing.

1989 - William Tackett was named Outstanding Farmer by Catfish Farmers of America. The partnership's farm, at this time, included 203 catfish ponds covering 3,700 acres. Other farming interests included over 3,500 acres of traditional farm crop land.

1997 - Heartland Catfish processed over 18,000,000 pounds of catfish and received a Level One Rating from the United States Department of Commerce Voluntary HACCP Program, a recognition we can claim as the only catfish processing plant to ever receive.

2000 - William Tackett was awarded the Lancaster/Sunbelt Expo Southeastern Farmer of the Year.

2006 - William Tackett is awarded the CFA Lifetime Achievement Award

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