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The Heartland Advantage
Learn why Heartland Catfish offers the greatest Advantage in today's Catfish Industry.

  1. Order Fulfillment
    Our farm-raised fish supplier farms 9,300 water surface acres of catfish in addition to 14,000 acres of grain crops. They are the largest growers of farm-raised catfish in the United States. The thirty million pounds of catfish that they grow annually provide us with roughly fifty percent of our live fish. Thirty-four of the industry's most respected farmers supply the remaining fifty percent. These farmers are chosen based on our knowledge of their farm management and feed policies, to ensure that the fish they supply Heartland Catfish are of the same quality as the fish that we grow on our own farm.

  2. Quality Control
    Heartland's entire plant is designed around temperature control with computerized monitoring of all areas from chill tank, spiral freezing, frozen and refrigerated storage to the loading areas. A direct fire hot water heater provides constant 140 degree water for cleaning crews to ensure the very best sanitary environment every hour of the day. Heartland controls product flow with computer software on the processing line to monitor, grade and weigh fish individually before and after processing to assure true net drained weights and accurate sizing. Our ability to chill and grade live fish allows us to adapt filleting equipment to the size of live fish being received at the plant throughout the day. This ensures smooth clean cuts that meet our high quality standards for appearance and texture of the fish.

  3. Quality Assurance
    Our State-Of-The-Art 135,000 square processing plant currently operates at the highest rating the USDC has to offer, Level-One HAACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) which results in superior plate counts (bacteria on the fish) versus anyone else in the industry. For superior flesh texture and appearance we inject our IQF fish with tripolyphosphate as opposed to the traditional method of vacuum tumbling. We also have the most stringent flavor standards in the industry, which are enforced by the industry's most experienced and well respected flavor checker. This assures our customers a consistent flavor profile throughout the year.

  4. Largest Freezing Capacity in the Industry
    Heartland Catfish has the capability to freeze 100 percent of our production. This gives us the flexibility to manage our fresh and frozen orders to insure a high order fill percentage rate. Many of our competitors prioritize the filling of fresh orders, because of their high percentage of retail fresh business and their lack of freezing capacity. This results in IQF frozen being shorted during the high demand short supply periods of the year. Many of our competitors store fresh fish in ice totes for multiple days prior to packing or further processing due to the lack of freezing capacity. This results in higher plate counts and inferior flesh texture and appearance. Heartland Catfish never stores fresh fish in ice totes more than over night to start the next day's production.

Stringent flavor standards enforced by experienced staff.
Consistent mild sweet flavor profile year round which insures consumer satisfaction
18,000 pounds per hour freezing capacity
Flexibility to adjust frozen and fresh production to meet daily order requirements maximizing order fill rates
Profitable and Financially sound company - Current D&B Rating 4A2
A long-term supplier that you can depend on
Level One HACCP plant
Provides you with safe high quality product
Breaded and IQF fillets and nuggets available in a new ZipPak bag, that includes a recipe and cooking instructions
Quick, simple preparation for consumer convenience

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The Heartland Advantage!
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